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The Parting of the Ways

This is going to be a very un-me-like blog, in that I come right to the point, though the end gets more verbose. As my longer-time readers will already know, the company I used to work for got bought by … Continue reading

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Why is politics so stupid?

Welcome to my first issues blog! Today’s issue is politics, specifically MN politics, but politics in general as well. Those of my readers that are in Minnesota will probably know already that our state government has, at this writing, still … Continue reading

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This is a short blog to announce that I am going to start doing ‘issues’ blogs in addition to the personal life update blogs. I’ll clearly mark them so that y’all can tell the difference and avoid reading one type … Continue reading

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Kwik Trip to the Cities

Well, today I went on a business trip to the Twin Cities metro area, Burnsville to be exact. The building I went to is a support facility, meaning no production of photos gets done there, it’s mostly people who fix … Continue reading

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Injury Update and Work Trip

In my last post I said I had more to say. This is that more to say. It involves several parts: 1. Discussion of crutches 2. Doctor’s Appointment 3. Business Trip 1. My Lesson 1 of foot bone fractures: Everything … Continue reading

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Broken Bone In Foot

As some of you may have seen on my Facebook page, I broke/fractured a bone in my left foot in a bike ‘crash’ on Friday evening. I promised more details, so here they are. Last things first, I have what … Continue reading

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