Injury Update and Work Trip

In my last post I said I had more to say. This is that more to say. It involves several parts:

1. Discussion of crutches
2. Doctor’s Appointment
3. Business Trip

1. My Lesson 1 of foot bone fractures: Everything that involves standing or walking and related disciplines is harder on crutches. I essentially had to re-think how to do everything except laying on my couch (which is really a loveseat), and even that has some differences. The very first (major) problem: Stairs. They are tricky. The ER gave me a sheet with instructions for using crutches to go up and down stairs, and they are not bad per se, but on the night of the accident I got home and after getting onto the back porch (which itself is up 3 steps) and being faced with 7 or 8 more stairs to get up to my apartment, and being tired, and sore and hungry (since I was on my way home to make supper when the crash happened, and I didn’t get home until over 2 hours later) I decided the most prudent thing to do was to sit on the bottom step and use my good leg to propel myself up the steps backwards slowly. I can certainly hop up steps using the handrail and crutches, but more than a few in a row is very hard, and (I feel) not entirely safe.

My first trip down those same stairs on Sunday I also accomplished by sitting down and using my good leg as support to get down slowly. Since then I have managed a faster technique that is still safe, and really down is easier because gravity is not hindering matters.

Problem 2:
Walking and carrying things. OK, so I solved that one almost immediately by using bags with handles that can be held at the same time as a crutch handle, but it is a problem.

And there are other inconveniences as well, but you get the picture.

2. Doctor’s appointment. On Monday I called for the appointment the ER told me to have, and I got in right away, at 11:45 on Monday. I’m not going to drag this out and bore with minutia (much as I would like to. ;). Essentially, it’s all good news. The type of fracture I have almost always heals very well, and almost never needs any type of surgery. Full healing time is usually around 6 weeks. I got to see the xrays of my foot that they took at the ER, which was nice. The doctor put them up on a pretty big computer monitor (they do digital xrays these days as some of you may know already), which can apparently display a ridiculous number of shades of grey (very handy for xrays obviously). It was interesting to see, and the fracture was pretty obvious, even to
the untrained eye (me). I have another appointment in mid-July, by which point the doctor thinks that I’ll be wearing a regular shoe. He said that it will, generally, get better every day and that basically how the foot feels is a guide for how it’s healing.

The foot itself is doing better today (Tuesday) than it was on Saturday. I can shuffle along very slowly without the crutches, but it’s not really a good idea yet. I get it right 8 or 9 times out of 10 steps, but that 9th or 10th is painful and if something goes wrong (e.g. I lose my balance) I have only bad choices (fall or possibly make the foot worse). So I’m doing the smart thing and continuing to use the crutches for now.

3. Business trip. Tomorrow I am taking a trip, by myself to my company’s Burnsville location to meet with some people about writing a new manual. It should be interesting, the manual is going to be a ‘Best Practices’ manual. I’ve so far only done software, and I think this one is more than software, so I’ll be branching out into new territory for me. The meeting is at 9:30, so I’ll be leaving my apartment before 7 to give myself plenty of time. It’s supposed to be a half-day type meeting, so I could be back on the road as early as 2 or so, and back home by 4:30 or 5. I’ll write a blog about the trip, either tomorrow night or possibly Friday (I’m busy Thursday night), as I have all day off Friday for my birthday (which is Thursday).

So, until next time:
Have fun.
Don’t die.
Make mine Marvel.
Live Long and Prosper (What’s this, a new phrase at the end of my blog? Indeed it is! Should I keep it? Vote in the comments or on Facebook if you care!)


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3 Responses to Injury Update and Work Trip

  1. Dan Milian says:

    I vote three cliches are enough ; )

  2. ladycygnet says:

    Why not split the difference and say, “Make mine live long and prosper?”

  3. koxl0003 says:

    Dan is right, 4 is a bit much. After thinking about it, I’m going to choose between my old 3-phrase ending, and “Live Long and Prosper” by itself, depending on my mood at the time. Thanks for the feedback!

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