Kwik Trip to the Cities

Well, today I went on a business trip to the Twin Cities metro area, Burnsville to be exact. The building I went to is a support facility, meaning no production of photos gets done there, it’s mostly people who fix things that go wrong.

The trip up there was pretty straightforward, though it did rain on and off all the way there. I decided on a longer route that avoided any and all freeways, and didn’t have any problem at all getting there. I did make one minor mistake, but I caught it immediately, and didn’t even have to stop, merely turn off into one end of a parking lot, and go out a different way. I left my apartment at like 6:40ish and stopped for gas, and I also stopped just north of Lake City for a bit of a rest. I got to the building about 9:20.

At about 9:35 I was shown into a conference room, before we switched rooms so that we weren’t kicked out. My contact explained a bit and then went to find another one of the people helping with the project. They explained a bit more, and then had technical difficulties, and the second guy had to take me to his work area to show me the rest of the files and such. I then got a brief tour of the building, and chatted with the guy for a bit before leaving the building at about 11:05. So yeah, the drive was longer than the meeting, but it was productive. They seemed like good people, and the project itself should be interesting enough. It’s good to have more projects to work on.

I headed back the same way I came up. This time I made a bit more of a wrong turn at one point, but I was still going the correct direction, so I just stuck with it until I found a landmark I could use to get back on track. I stopped at Perkins for lunch in Hastings for about 1/2 hour, and got home around 3. I was slowed down several times on the way home by some serious, hard, rain, so that plus the lunch plus the wrong turn meant it took longer on the way home than on the way up.

I was ready for a nap when I got home though, and I did take one.

I realized later that this is, I think, the first time I’ve been to the Twin Cities metro area without ever being inside the Minneapolis or St. Paul city limits. I went from Hastings, to Rosemount, to Apple Valley, to Burnsville and the reverse, so just the south metro and not any core cities.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and as most people reading this will already know, I’m turning 35. I don’t have any strong feelings about that specifically. It’s a number, much like any other, and I’m not just writing that to write it. Oh well, happy birthday to me. 😉

Until next time:
Live Long, and Prosper


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4 Responses to Kwik Trip to the Cities

  1. Steve L says:

    I WANT more cliches.They are just truisms that have entered the common realm.

  2. winonavampire says:

    Gotta be honest Alan, I miss our trips to the cities. It his home when you said you stopped at the Hasting Perkins for lunch and I thought… Huh, I haven’t been to that Perkins since the last time I was with Alan.

    Anyway, we need to hit a tournament again some time!

    • koxl0003 says:

      Yeah, I thought about that too while I was deciding what to do for lunch when my meeting was shorter than I thought it would be, and while I was there. If there’s a Legacy or Vintage tournament sometime this September/October (summer is just too busy!) or maybe even a pre-release, we should definitely get to one.

      • winonavampire says:

        Yah, summer is randomly too busy… I mean, I am free on any given weekend, but it seems whenever there is an event, I have something going on. A few of us might try to hit the M12 pre-release in LaCrosse (much closer) on July 9th if you are interested.

        But this fall for sure.

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