This is a short blog to announce that I am going to start doing ‘issues’ blogs in addition to the personal life update blogs. I’ll clearly mark them so that y’all can tell the difference and avoid reading one type or the other if you so desire. Probably the titles will make it obvious, but I’ll also tag them appropriately and one of the the first sentences will have the word issue or issues in it if it’s an issues blog, and will not if it’s not. The system may change over time if it’s not working for me.

In issues blogs I am going to take up issues such as philosophy, politics and laws, as well as current state, local, national, world, planetary system, solar system, stellar neighbourhood, spiral arm, galaxy, galactic cluster, and universal events when appropriate.

I’m going to write/post the first issues blog tomorrow (Monday) night sometime. It’s going to be mainly a Minnesota state issue blog, but will branch out into national stuff as well, if I get to it.

Other than that, not a lot to say right now, it’s close to the time I normally go to bed on a work night, and so I’m not going to ramble on much at this time.

Until next time:
Have fun, don’t die, and make mine Marvel!


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