The Parting of the Ways

This is going to be a very un-me-like blog, in that I come right to the point, though the end gets more verbose. As my longer-time readers will already know, the company I used to work for got bought by a different company, and I am now working for the new company.

On Tuesday, I learned the date my employment with the new company will end unless I decide to apply, and get hired for, a different position with the company. That date is October 14th, 2011 (it’s a Friday, no surprize there). We’ve known in Lewiston that this was coming for a while, but that didn’t make it much easier. Some of my co-workers have later dates, and some have earlier dates.

After doing a lot of considering on the subject these past few months, I am essentially certain that I don’t want to move to the Twin Cities, so unless something changes, I won’t be applying for a job with my current company, as it would involve moving to the Twin Cities area. My reasons are personal rather than professional, as there are obviously vastly more professional opportunities (at least in absolute numbers, if not per capita) in a millions of people metropolitan area than a tens of thousands to hundred thousand people area (if La Crosse and Rochester are included).

Which means I’m going to start looking for a new job, preferably in Winona, but somewhere else reasonably nearby would work as well. The company is providing 2 days paid time off to attend a displaced workers workshop. I think it’s a state program of some sort, and it covers strategies, interviews and so on. I don’t have the details yet, but I’m definitely going to attend, as it has been close to 8 years since I last looked for a job.

In better news, my broken foot continues to improve. I’m mostly getting around without crutches now, except for longer distances – I’m still not comfortable walking more than perhaps a couple (that’s an actual couple, not a Sam-couple [Hi Sam if you’re reading this, no offence intended.]{inside joke among my friends}) dozen meters without them, but it’s coming. In fact, I’m wearing a regular sandal right now instead of the shoe/boot the ER gave me, and it feels fine. In further fact, it feels better than the medical shoe while sitting still, and the same, if not slightly better, when I’m ambulatory (ten points to Ravenclaw for the long word). It’s still not comfortable without any shoe for all that long though, as some of the motions that can happen without a shoe are not comfortable.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say on both topics another day. Meanwhile, my next issues blog will probably show up sometime this weekend (possibly Friday).

Until next time: Live Long, Prosper, and make mine Marvel!
(Serial comma for the win!)

(Oh, and bonus points if you get the reference in the title of this post without using Google!)


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One Response to The Parting of the Ways

  1. winonavampire says:

    Well, that sucks… but I was glad to hear (read) you weren’t movin to the cities… (purley selfish reasons… I like hanging out with ya lol)

    The way I see it… there is a reason for everything that happens.

    Good luck!

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