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Quick Blog

Since my last blog: My foot is no longer broken. I still don’t have a job after October 14th. Magic: The Gathering is fun, but don’t play mono-blue counter.dec in Vintage in MN unless you like losing to anything that … Continue reading

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The Parting of the Ways

This is going to be a very un-me-like blog, in that I come right to the point, though the end gets more verbose. As my longer-time readers will already know, the company I used to work for got bought by … Continue reading

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Kwik Trip to the Cities

Well, today I went on a business trip to the Twin Cities metro area, Burnsville to be exact. The building I went to is a support facility, meaning no production of photos gets done there, it’s mostly people who fix … Continue reading

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Injury Update and Work Trip

In my last post I said I had more to say. This is that more to say. It involves several parts: 1. Discussion of crutches 2. Doctor’s Appointment 3. Business Trip 1. My Lesson 1 of foot bone fractures: Everything … Continue reading

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Visit To Headquarters

On Wednesday I and my department at work visited our new corporate headquarters, in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. We were there for a few reasons. To learn. To teach. To brainstorm To get some idea of what we might be doing … Continue reading

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‘Last’ Day Blues

Today (Friday) was my, and everyone else in Lewiston’s, last work day with the company I’ve worked for for the last 7+ years. Technically I work for them until May 1st (Sunday) but I’m not planning on working between now … Continue reading

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Corporations and the Future

I went for a walk today and as I was walking I was thinking about my job situation. I’ve also been reading a lot of futurist websites lately, and a lot of them are about Artificial Intelligence, or AI. How … Continue reading

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